Is AutoBlogging Safe, Legal or Dangerous?

Is Auto-blogging Safe, Legal or Dangerous?

If you generate content automatically for your site, it’s called as Auto-blogging.  It actually reflects content, videos and images which are directly being pulled in from other sites. It is quite fascinating for fresher’s and experienced bloggers alike. Many sites use Auto-blogging and work as “little cash machines”. In Auto-blogging posts are created from RSS or Atoms feeds. After finding the feed suitable for your subject you can modify them with pictures’ Image and video support, customized templates enhanced tagging engines etc.

Is AutoBlogging Safe, Legal or Dangerous?

What is Auto-blogging and how it works?

Auto-blogging is basically ripping of the work of some other content writer. Thus it should be strictly avoided, and there are many reasons to it. Firstly it’s not blogging in true sense, as here one does not produce his own content, pictures, videos etc but simply regurgitate the content which has published elsewhere. So it’s nothing more than stealing somebody’s work and claiming it to be your own.

This entire process usually happens with the help of a Word Press plugin which can create content automatically by crawling via a collection of predetermined RSS feeds get the content and bring it to your site. At times you might have a link added and some other times it goes un-cited, giving you a unique content in its appearance. Several times the content and pictures are pasted with its entire URL which also results in bandwidth theft. Because every time this content is viewed it goes to the original site and eats up the original server’s capacity, which might increase the operating cost for the owner.

Why do people build Auto Blogs?

Lack of money is the reason behind all evils thus Auto-blogging is to produce more money with fewer efforts.  Auto-blogging fetches fresh content quickly which in turn helps one to gain SEO related benefits. The reason being one can get multiple ads if he has heavy traffic on his site. Therefore Auto-blogging supports one to call more advertisers to his site, in spite the fact that it is not legitimate. There is nothing wrong about having the desire to earn money, but it’s excellent if one tries to do that with the help of original content and following the legal ways.

Dangers of Auto Blogging

We must remember that though internet has increased our sphere of life but still it is a small word. It is quite easy for people to find if the work is original or copied from somewhere. In the world of blogging like-minded people have groups called niche and design is a large niche. So such niche can easily locate about the authenticity of your work. If you have stolen work of other writers these niches loose the interest in your site and it raises the question of credibility.

The major cons about Auto-blogging are to pick the right niche, choose the right domain, get good keywords, find good related products and get RSS feeds with appropriate articles. Putting all this in place is much harder than creating a new article. But these are still easier than writing a new article for those people who choose to autoblog!

The few dangers of building an auto-blog are:

  • The copyright owner could sue you for misuse of legitimate content.
  • Google and Search engines could ban you on publishing duplicate content.
  • Publishing the already published leaves you with little chances to succeed.
  • The advertising networks could ban your account.

You could receive a DMCA Takedown notice initially from the copyright owner and they could opt to file a legal dispute with you and your website according to the intellectual property acts.

In my opinion Auto-blogging is not that simple and attractive as it might sound otherwise.  But even if it is simple, as a human being we do have some ethical implications which anyone trying to become an Auto blogger must bear in mind. Success doesn’t come that easy!

Take Home: Be an Ethical Blogger and say NO to content theft and auto blogging. It might take some time but building your own content will certainly give you the satisfaction and success on the long run.


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