Is Google Page Rank dead?

Lately I have observed that there is lot of anxiety building up in the Internet showground regarding the Google Page Ranks not being updated according to the earlier patterns. Finally, I decided to do a research and get this cleared up.

Two major facts worrying the webmasters are:

  • The Page rank display has been taken off the Google toolbar.
  • No page rank update as expected and its taking longer time.
  • Page rank patent grapevine spreading.

Let’s start with what Google rep had to say on the Google forums

Why Google page rank is not updating?

We do Toolbar PageRank updates 3-4x/year but to be honest, it’s not something that you need to wait for. The PageRank shown in the Toolbar is an older snapshot of the PageRank that we use internally (which is continuously updated). Changes in Toolbar PageRank will not change anything with your site’s crawling, indexing, or ranking, so as a webmaster, I’d strongly recommend focusing on something else.

If you are using PageRank as a means to sell PageRank-passing links, keep in mind that this is against our Webmaster Guidelines, and can negatively impact your site’s ranking in search results.

Guidelines links:

Is Google PageRank DEAD?

PageRank is not dead — and PageRank is not everything. We have well over 200 factors in our algorithms, so while PageRank is involved, it’s by far not the only thing. As I mentioned above, we continuously update our internal PageRank, and for the time being we’ll continue to update the Toolbar PageRank occasionally.

Since I answered your questions 🙂 — can you tell me why you’re so interested in the PageRank number shown in the Toolbar? Why do you worry about it enough to post here?

So, What really going on:

  • PageRank building has become a big business and Google simply does not seem to like it.
  • Webmasters have spend big bucks to optimize there websites and look forward to improved Google PR to further capitalize or SELL it for more money – that’s the major cause of worry on the Internet.
  • Since Google PR is one of the ingredients to the Google search engine position – it would continue to discourage forced search engine optimization as it loves genuine results only.
  • Google PR is not dead! As the rep says – its very much alive. The PR would be less frequently updated and would be internally used.

To learn more about the above responses, you could read the Google’s response in their support forum here:

And regarding the Google PageRank patent issue, for more details – you could find the content in the 15th page of the document Form 10-k (2009) filed with United States Securities and Exchange Commission here

Take home: As per the trends that the Google PR showed all these years, A Google PR update is expected in January 2011. But seeing all the action going around, I personally feel, it could take some time for such and update. It’s clear that Google does not love the idea of paid links. If you really like it or not, it would be a good idea to concentrate on developing great websites and unique content. The Google PR is not going to affect the way your website is being crawled or indexed.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: (First Google PR update of the year updated on January 20, 2011)

Now i have enough confirmation from thousands of webmasters and forums that it has finally arrived here. I would say the Pagerank was updating data center by data center and now majority of the webmasters confirm that the page rank update for the year 2011 has arrived on January 20, 2011. Thanks for your valuable participation in discussions we had.


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