Keep the Great Blogs Alive: Say no to Ad-blockers

Am writing this Blog post from my personal experience of seeing that there have been a huge number of ad-blocker scripts, programs and toolbars on the web now-a-days.

What does ad-blocker do?
Just as it reads, Ad blockers block ads on a webpage. Since there are a lot of websites that place ads on their page in most annoying manner. Thats how these programs started to become a big hit.

Now the Down-Side

There are 1000s of Top Quality blogs on the internet offering great information. Now how do these blogs stay alive, Its Ads!! And the ad-blocker concept would eventually kill these good blogs. Hence personally i feel select blogs that offer good content and do not mix ads with contents and offer great content.

Suggestion to Webmasters.

Lets make sure we use ads where its just required so that ads and contents go hand in hand and provide a great product or website.

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  1. DJ Manchester December 29, 2010