Keyword winner wordpress SEO plugin review

Keyword winner WordPress SEO plugin Review

This plugin was originally created by SEO specialist Daniel Lew, An SEO Expert who has 17 years plus internet marketing experience. He has used all his experience and background on developing his biggest release – Keyword Winner. Few weeks back i received the below email from Dan:

I got an exclusive copy of the latest 2.0, you are the first to get your hands on this before it is released to the public on 1st of March, so this leaves you a whole nice week to take your time on it for your review or video review.

Just like 100s of other Plugins, Scripts and software I review, I took my own time in trying, testing and evaluating the results of the plugin. Today, I was convinced it’s a great plugin and deserved a review for your privileged users and members.

Keyword winner is the third SEO tool that really impressed me over the past few months. The other being Market Samurai for Keyword research (standalone application), SEOpressor for Onpage SEO of WordPress blogs and now Keyword winner for inbuilt keyword research for WordPress blogs.

How keyword winner works for a WordPress blog

Once the plugin is installed and activated with the license key. There is a options menu on the WordPress admin sidebar. Where you can link it to your Google account to use the Google API for search.

As soon as the plugin is activated, each time when you add a new post, you will observe a new button below the post title called “Get keyword suggestions”. It exactly does what it reads – gives you a list of keyword suggestion based on the title with loads of SEO related information corresponding to each key phrase.

The details corresponding to each keyword will automatically suggest the keyword with least competition and most demand. In short, it does the complete keyword research from Google and Yahoo data right within your WordPress “new post” page.

Keyword winner wordpress SEO plugin review

Keyword winner wordpress SEO plugin review

Key features of the plugin are:

  • Full control of Keyword Research
  • Check new post SEO Stats instantly
  • Keyword Suggestions for Low Competition Headlines & High Search Trends
  • Anchor text suggestion
  • Keyword suggestion
  • Inbound link number
  • Monthly traffic status
  • Competition trend
  • Monthly trend graphs
  • Multiple drill down levels to achieve lower competition levels
  • Add keywords directly to post tags

Color code legend for keyword suggestions by Keyword winner:

  • RED – 1,000,000+ Competing  pages or higher (1,000,000 or more)
  • ORANGE – 1,00,000+ Competing  pages or lower
  • GREEN – 100,000— Competing  pages or lower

Search data is pulled out from:

  • Google Insights
  • Google Competition
  • Google Trends
  • Yahoo Backlinks

Take Home: This is an Excellent premium plugin that will really give you a very higher edge over other websites and blogs when you are doing SEO on specific niche. You could try out the plugin or purchase it from here for a discount of 30 USD as the price is going to increase very soon.( as seen on the KW team updates).

I would recommend you to purchase this plugin if you have that extra penny, Else – Dont worry, you could always do keyword research manually using Google Adwords Keyword tool.



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