Kill replytocom Bots – Save bandwidth

Have you heard of “replytocom” Bots ever? Well if you have a wordpress blog – you would have certainly seen spam comments piling up on your blog posts. The first action to stop that is installing and activating the wordpress developed plugin called “Akismet”.

Now coming back to replytocom bots – These are programmed bots that go about spamming or reading comments section of wordpress blog and the result is you loose a huge chunk of bandwidth for nothing! In fact there is no use of such bandwidth eat-up or such page views as they are simple bots and not valuable visitors.

If you check your website logs you would see such requests as below that indicate bot hits.

One simple plugin that is very light and does not have any configuration with mere 10 lines of code could save you here. What the plugin does is simply redirecting such unwanted bots away and saves your website bandwidth. According to them a simple blog handles 20,000 requests a month only due to such replytocom bots.

Take Home: You could download and install the plugin from here Hope this simple tip would save your tones of hard paid Bandwidth.

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  1. ramaraobobby February 24, 2011