Learn how to upload files to website FTP

Hey, Today we will talk about a small tutorial on how to set up a website, infact how to upload files to a FTP or remote server where your domain is pointing to.

The tutorial explains a method how to upload files to web hosting account without using a FTP client where as by using a online FTP client.

Its pretty very simple 🙂 Open a web based FTP client for example : link: www.net2ftp.com
Enter the values as shown in the figur.

Ftp address: ftp.orangecopper.com
username: ftpadmin
password: ftppassword
port: 21 or 22
FTP mode: Automatic

Further click on connect
Once logged in browse to the FTP folders and paste images to the default folders – Either “Public_html”  or “web”
Upload your files to this folder, the default file that the domain will pick from this folder are: index.htm, index.html, default.html : any of these files if present.

Thats it !!!

Cheers, Joshu

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