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Analyze your webpage loding speed with Google PageSpeed Tool

Page speed or web page performance has always been one of the most important aspect of a blog or website when it comes to retaining your visitors. Even if your website offers some great content, it does not make any sense if the page does not load quick. Most of the Internet users tend to be very impatient and with tonnes of information and alternatives available on the web, dont expect them to wait for your page to load.

Yslow and Pingdom were the industry leading webpage speed analysis tool available till now for websmasters to check and analyze their website loading speed and the key factors contributing to slow the web pages down. Now, Google has launched the Google PageSpeed Insights tool empowering webmasters to plunge deep into speed analysis the Google way.

Check out the below screenshots from the Google PageSpeed Insights tool and dont forget to analyze your website, your competitors website and learn what could be the reason for inferior user retention or time on site metrics.

To use this awesome but simple tool, you will have to enter your website URL and click on “Analyze”. Once the analysis is completed, Google will list down High, Medium and Low priority items for you to consider to improve the speed of the web page. In addition, will also give you a page load speed score out of 100 comparing the scores of millions of other websites already compared. OrangeCopperâ„¢ webmaster blog received a score of 85 /100 which is considered to be a decent score. I would attribute the credit for that high page load speed to WordPress CMS and the Thesis framework because, the neater the code the faster the website.

Analyze your webpage loding speed with Google PageSpeed Tool

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 12.26.37 AM

Analyze your webpage loding speed with Google PageSpeed Tool


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