Lifecycle of a Great Blog Post

Lifecycle of a Great Blog Post

Be it a long or short blog post / article, every blog post has a life cycle that decides if it is an Ok or great article. If the right balance of research and effort is put into writing a new article for your blog then it will certainly assure that the outcome is not just okay but a great one!

I would categorize the creation of new post into the below sections:

  • Pre posting research
  • Content writing stage
  • Post publishing publicizing

The first stage that I would call “Pre posting research” is in my opinion the most important and crucial part of writing a blog post. The quality of blog post depends on the quality of content and value of information it offers to the readers.

If your blog post has enough information that it can entertain and enlighten, your readers then it merely requires any publicity! The blog post will find its way to attract more readers either through the search engines or sharing.

The second stage referred to as the Content writing is not to be taken light. A well written content can be compared to an arrow reaching the target as it makes no sense if you are not able to convey the idea that you have in your mind.

It is vital that you take time to write and review the content you are publishing on your blog as the integrity of the idea you are trying to convey is never lost.

The third and final stage plays an important role to push the effectiveness of your blog post past the envelope and bring the most out of a fresh blog post. The publicizing could be done through any medium – be it offline (word of mouth) or online (social media) etc.

Take Home: Treat every article as your first one and make sure you have a fresh mind while you publish it as if you are talking directly to your readers.