List of High paying Adsense Keywords of 2012

List of High paying Adsense Keywords of 2012

Before I start off, I would like to clarify the fact that the title might look a bit contrasting but certainly this information that you are going to read is going to save your time, money and effort! I optimized this article for this title to target the audience searching for the list of keywords that pay higher on Google Adsense per click.

You can easily find the high paying keywords with the help of Google Adwords tool BUT it’s most likely that you will NOT earn a penny from these keywords as your approach is wrong.

If your to build a blog or website on the high paying keywords, it’s going to be highly difficult to drive traffic to the website as its going to be extremely competitive niche to top the search engine results. Taking the situation on a high level picture, you should ideally identify the niche and build a website on it to drive traffic and convert.

The two practical options are:

1. Narrow the displayed Adsense ads by blocking categories / Advertisers from your Google Adsense dashboard
2. Do keyword research to identify articles in demand but with less supply to cut down your efforts.

The major niches which pays high are: health, finance and hosting + domain registrations. Similarly identify high paying niches and start narrow targeted blogs to write keyword research identified topics.

Do not simply fall for high paying keywords and start website with the keyword in the domain and expecting people to pour in, the competition in such niches are too high to crack. Be sensible and identify niches and start blog, build content, drive traffic, tweak the Adsense settings to avoid / block low paying ads and make money.


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