Make a web 2 icon with Photoshop in easy 8 steps

We will today make this: 9

1.Firstly Open a 500×500 px document

2.Use the horizontal Type tool and Type “OC” with a font of your choice, here i have used UZUZI font. ( now there is only one color used ) – #ff3366


3. To Use the Gradient Tool to create a Gradient between two colors, we first need to select another color that slightly varies from this color, Like a darker one and click on the “fx” button on the Layers Window, then select the Gradient tool ( check the option ), Drag your mouse to set the extent of gradient, Say OK.


4. Duplicate this Layer, then -> Edit -> Transform -> Fllip Vertical, Then select the Copy layer and Drag it down as show


5. Then change the second color and make it white, then sameway open gradient overlay on the copied layer and make angle = -90 degree and drag to get what we see below.


6. now add a new layer as Layers – > New – > Layer
In the new layer draw a Ellipse custom shape with the white color inside.


7. Now Use the Opacity drag button on the right hand side top of the layer window and reduce the Opacity value to arround 20 and see the result, We are done !!!


Cheers, Joshu


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