Make money from your blog By writing reviews

Now today am sharing with you guys an info that would open an opportunity to start earning if you have an average Blog in any Niche – And that  is JUST REVIEW !!

Basically the concept is simple and really good as-well, the website review ME is going pretty successfully and you could find that out from their traffic rank!  Now, How it works –  Basically signup using a simple signup form on the website and enter your paypal account, your address details etc. Further, once account is created – Submit your blog url, your feeds address etc.

Then wait for the approval email from Review ME website and once approved you could start reviewing products and services as per their guidelines. There is a limit of 25 reviews per month (now dont turn your website into a review website LOL ). The minimum cash payment that could be en cashed is 25 USD. There are many modes of payment like, cheque , paypal etc.

So dont wait thinking now, start earning,  You can check the site here.

Hope you enjoyed the small article but let me know if you could find success here 😉

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