Make money as a freelance Tech blog writer

Make money online as a freelance Tech blog writer

If you have plans of making money online by blogging, it’s a very practical and promising career, but the reason 90% of the bloggers don’t make money is because they fail to stay committed and patient until the money starts flowing in.

I totally agree that money is certainly a motivating factor that will encourage every blogger to keep going and improve but what if the earning graph isn’t really moving? Read on..

For every new and budding blogger with a decent control over English, I would recommend taking up writing gigs / jobs as a freelance writer for other established blogs. This will not only help them improve their niche expertise but also help earn a consistent income to support your blogging journey’s waiting phase.

The demand for freelance writers are huge if you are able to do the right search on the web and related forums. One can easily earn about 200 – 500 USD every month by freelance writing spending about 3 hours a day.

My offer: I personally am looking out for freelance writers on few of my technology blogs and would be more than happy to pay deserving newbies with a consistent monthly pay and assignments.

Waiting to hear from you guys!


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