Making money online – The ‘unconventional’ way!

We have all heard of Blogs, Payment Gateways, Video sharing sites et al. However, there are so many businesses online that are making huge profits with ideas that not many people would think of.

The most popular one, which ideally wouldn’t be a ‘business’ was the infamous ‘Save Toby’ story. We had a nation donating hundreds and thousands of dollars, all to save a rabbit! The guy did make money, but let’s talk ‘businesses’ per se.

Stranded outside your house at 4 AM and don’t have your keys? Don’t worry…It’s NewyourKey to the rescue! Yes, that’s exactly what they do. For a minimum of $20, you can deposit your key with them. And if you lose your key or forget it, just give them a call and they’ll deliver it at your doorstep.

Alex Tew, a 21 year old kid wanted to sponsor his education. He went ahead and started the now famous “milliondollarhomepage” which actually did make a million bucks. He simply sold every pixel on the site for a dollar. With increasing traffic, the visitors multiplied, and so did the rush to get a ‘pixel’ on the “milliondollarhomepage”.

Then there are a few which never seem to amuse people. They’ve made money, however. At “Bag Borrow or Steal” you can look chic and fashionable by sporting the most expensive branded handbags, without actually buying them! So the next time you go for that college prom, don’t worry about what handbag you’ll carry. Simply call Bag Borrow or Steal. If that was funny, there’s more. Tom Taylor charges approximately $65 an hour to – hold your breath – teach college kids how to play video games. Catherine Keane, the owner of Hungry Pod, makes over $100,000 a year, uploading music on other people’s iPods.

And the one that steals the show is….Amazing Butterflies. What started of as a $100 bet for Jose Muñiz, turned into a million dollar company. When his friend bet him that he couldn’t sell butterflies, that’s exactly what he went ahead and did. You can make your wedding, birthday, anniversary or any special occasion even more memorable with beautiful butterflies all around. (Am surprised people actually call for butterflies though :)

Cheers, Joshu