MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Review

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Review

Yes, I really did and this is no Joke, in fact it’s all about how to make serious money from your blog online. I called It a gold mine because its seriously the method that the major chunk of webmasters use to monetize their websites and the bloggers in the inner circle use this method to make 1000s of dollars. Yes am talking about Affiliate marketing. Now you might think “So what’s new in that? I already know that!” continue reading…

Today I am not talking about affiliate marketing. But would be discussing on how to effortlessly get your blog synced with your affiliate links. I am amazed by the capability of this wordpress plugin called MBP Ninja Affiliate from MaxBlogPress and how efficiently it gets the chore done. Thats why i am doing a MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Review here.

How it works

I will briefly explain how it could be beneficial to your and how effectively it would help you discover the goldmine, like how I just did. It’s a simple plugin (a very light one) that can be installed from the regular wordpress admin – Add plugins page. Post installation you should browse to the admin panel of Ninja and configure it for action.

The best feature I like which is the core basis of this wordpress plugin is actually the option to automatically convert your blog keywords into links to the affiliate product of your choice; the best part is that even your old keywords can turn into money-making affiliate links.

The features I loved the most:

  • Automatically convert any keyword in your blog to an affiliate link instantly
  • You could also cloak your affiliate links
  • Track the unique clicks and performance
  • Use professional looking affiliate links that looks more like a recommendation
  • Manage links in groups and easily track and organize them
  • Say bye bye to manual method of adding links to each posts
  • Mass convert your affiliate links to “no-follow” so that Search engines do not index them
  • Edit the style, color and repetition of affiliate links
  • It will only change the text on your blogs and not the existing links.
  • Best of all if you already have 1000 posts on your blog, it adds the affiliate links on them as well without going back and editing them.

Below is a screen-shot from the plugin admin section that would give you a brief idea on how it can be configured, Its a flexible plugin even allowing you to configure the style of the link, so you could check out more of its features here.

Setup new affiliate links

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Review

Take Home: If you have ever wondered how does the Probloggers earn so much from advertising and Adsense? The real answer is they dont earn more than 30% of their  blog potential from Adsense and fixed ad space. The chunk of their income comes from recommending quality products to their loyal visitors through affiliate marketing. I repeat – Affiliate marketing becomes a success only when you develop a trust relationship with your readers, so make sure you do not ever recommend crap products that aren’t really worth, you get the best(traffic) so give them the best.

Through this MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Review, I am recommending this plugin basically due to 2 reasons – 1. It’s got great features 2. I have already recovered the cost for the plugin that I spent on it – now it’s your turn!

Hope you enjoyed our MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Review


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