Mistakes that could get a web designer Hurt!

The web is now flooded with designers, graphic designers, seo experts, internet marketing agents, ads specialists, animators, internet consultants and developers everywhere. So when ever you design or develop a website there is no room for mistakes that are basic and you could get virtually shot for the basic mistakes as a webdesigner. So Each time you design a website make sure you have the below points in mind as its your work that gets you more work.

While designing a website make sure to!

Keep your site a simple one
Am sure you would have already used Gmail.com and many other email clients, Also am sure you would have used a number of search engines and google search. Whats the difference? Simplicity and Ease of use. So Give website Ergonomics the first preference – Keep navigation simple, Keep images that load quick,use a simple sitemap for easy indexing.

Colors Turns you ON!
If you have some dark theme for your website with golden text colors, and your website is supposed to be a Church website, How would it look to your visitors? It would rather look like a Hacking website or Gamers Den! So colors are very important and could turn away your visitors as quick as less than a second. I would suggest you to read this for the “web safe” colors.

Fonts, Text size, Alignment and Styling
Do you know CSS>? If yes, You are the Champ! its really critical to start learning css as that is what today’s designing requirements ask for!And if you dont know styling your page with stylesheets or CSS, hey theres no need to worry (For now) as you better get back to your desk and start of learning it, cos buddies CSS days are gonna stay for long! So you tell me” I dont know CSS, Now what ?” Then i tell ya..use simple fonts (not jassy ones like comic scan), proper line spacing, proper text size (-1 or 10 px) and take good care of the alignment.

File Size and Loading time.
In a study that i have come accross on the web, 80 percent of the internet citizens are impatient to wait to see your website content for more than 8 – 10 secs if they land to your site through searh, because its better to go a step back and click on the alternate search result. so make sure your site loads fast. To find your website loading speed: Do a google with key word “website loading speed test” you would find plenty of ’em. Also make sure your webpage size is less than or near 30 – 30kb in size.

Resolution and Size of page.
As i told before, the layout of the website on a visitors screen is an important point that turns the visitors on! you cannot expect all your visitors to be on a 1024×768 screen resolutions, could you? Absolutely no, So lets change the website to their screen resolution fitting. Its simple logic, buid your website in a flexible width, ie when you create the outermost table, use it with a width of 100% and preferably not in pixels. If in pixels, make sure its wthin 768 px or arround 750 range.

Background and its importance
Be it a background image or a background color, its important that it contrasts well an looks good when the content or the face of the website is put on to it, this could also be another important factor for guleing the visitors to your website.

Navigation and Sitemap
Its extreamly important to have a nice and simple Navigation that allows your visitors to make use of your website and navigate effectively. Regarding Sitemaps the latest trend observed is that sitemaps come in the broad footer of the website and has almost everything required to navigate the website for a confused visitor to your Feature rich website!

So to sumup, you Dont Get Hurt when you

1. Keep it simple
2. Keep it Easy to use
3. Keep it safe on eyes
4. Keep it fast loading
5. Keep it fitting

Hope you enjoyed reading this atleast half as much i enjoyed sharing these with you guys!