Most Searched Keywords on Google in 2013

Most Searched Keywords on Google in 2013

Below is a report embed from the Google Trends application showing the most searched keywords at different point of time. Even though there isn’t much data enough to show the most searched keywords in 2013 at this point, this is a live report that would keep on updating the information as time passes with the latest keywords being searched on Google Search.

You can also find the most searched keywords for the year 2012 and also specific to USA. Click on the Google Trends link below each of the live report to reach the page where you can identify the top searched keywords based on your search criteria. You may also sort the results based on time frame, location, trends etc. Let me know your feedback on using Google Trends and how helpful it has been to you as a webmaster.

Most Searched Keywords in 2013

Most Searched Keywords in 2012

Most searched keywords in the USA since 2004