Most Searched Keywords on YouTube

Most Searched Keywords on Youtube 2011

Most Searched Keywords on YouTube 2011

As YouTube is the most popular Video serving website on the web as of today, Its a smart move to analyze and find what keywords are in demand before you create a video for YouTube / Internet marketing. Be it website content or video content, Keyword research is the most important step before you start off creating content aiming to improve your website traffic.

The 2 Critical steps of Keyword Research are:

  • Analyzing the Demand for the targeted keyword
  • Analyzing the Supply for the targeted keyword

In the case of Keyword research for web, You could use excellent tools like Market Samurai and on the flip side, for Keyword research to identify the most searched keywords on YouTube, you could make use of the excellent YouTube Analytic portal officially provided by YouTube. This portal will give you more information about the most searched keywords and videos on YouTube in the specified timelines.

You can refer my earlier article to learn on how to optimize videos for YouTube Search as it explains how to identify keywords in demand and analyze the supply to optimize the content and video you are about to create and publish.


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