Motivate your users to promote your blog

Motivate your users to promote your blog

The best method to publicize and promote your blog is by motivating your own users to do it and believe me the result is going to be awesome!

The power of social media optimization is huge as it will work like a nuclear reaction in spreading your words. The challenge is in motivating every blog user to promote your content onto the social media. Web masters use several methods to help motivate the blog readers and today we will discuss the major strategies to motivate your blog readers.

Run promotional contests and establish social presence: contests are one of the best methods to capture the attention of your readers. Have a featured posts section on your blog and announce contests with attractive prizes on a regular frequency. Execute the contest in a planned manner and the criteria should include tweeting / sharing your contest page through the user’s social media accounts. This will ensure that your blog contest information spreads on the Internet like wild fire.

The success of the contest will directly depend on the offerings and the prize, so of you are not yet ready to invest money on the contest prize, try to find sponsors or product developers within your niche.

Giveaways and freebies are most loved on the web: announce free giveaways on your blog and ensure that users avail it post sharing it to their social media contacts. A freebie can be as simple as an ebook download.

New methods to promote a blog is either discovered from other blogs or by experimenting, so be brave to try newer methods and let us know if you know any methods that others don’t!