My Favorite WordPress Tips

My Favorite WordPress Tips

 If you own a blog, odds are you are using WordPress to publish it. There’s a good reason for that: WordPress offers the best combination of versatility and ease of use for the widest group of people. But if you haven’t taken some time to customize your blog, this also means that you don’t stand out from the pack, and your blog may be easily forgettable.

 Adding some additional functions can also help increase your shareability and improve the user experience. Since a memorable, shareable, enjoyable site is what it’s all about, it would be wise to adopt some of these tools right away.

 Install Random Redirect

This Plugin allows you to set up a link somewhere on your site that will automatically send people to a random page on your site. This way, they can stumble through your site and serendipitously come across something they might like. In some cases, somebody might discover an old post on your blog that never received that much attention, but that had a lot of potential. It could go viral. At the very least, it will encourage users to browse through your archives and discover all the interesting information buried in there.

 Set up Facelift Image Replacement (FLIR)

Use this plugin to replace your text titles with attractive image fonts that aren’t otherwise possible. This can do a lot to make your posts stand out. The plugin is built with SEO in mind, so the images have no effect on Google’s ability to crawl your titles and determine what the page is about.

 Stylize a Post

If you have a particularly important article that stands out from the rest, and needs to be presented in a different format, you can use the_ID to accomplish this. Use this technique whenever you create a piece of link-bait to increase its share-ability. This technique takes some technical knowledge so you can learn more about it here.

 Add a StumbleUpon Badge

Go here to get the code necessary to install a StumbleUpon Badge on your site. StumbleUpon is a site that lets people randomly stumble through websites on the web containing content that they have expressed an interest in. It is a very popular site with loyal users who can send a great deal of visitors. Depending on which badge you choose, you can proudly let people know how many people have stumbled across the site.

 Install Wordbooker

Wordbooker allows you to fully integrate your blog with Facebook. You can set it to automatically update your Facebook fan page whenever you add a new post to your site in a highly customizable fashion. It also makes it easy to add a Facebook Like box to your sidebar, so that people can join your fan page straight from your site.

 Install a Sharing Plugin

I won’t suggest any specific sharing plugin because there are so many of them and the point of this article is to make your pages stand out. Just make sure it is intuitive and obvious how to submit a page to Facebook, Twitter, and other major social networks, and choose a plugin that is attractive.

 Modify Your Plugins and Themes

You don’t have to be a technical genius to make some minor modifications to your plugins. Try changing some of the image files to customize your site’s appearance. Make a copy of the image file and submit it to a graphic design expert on Fiverr to make some changes to it. It’s only five dollars.

 Take some time to make your site stand out with a few simple tweaks. This will seriously improve your impact. Don’t limit yourself to these suggestions, though. There are thousands of plugins to choose from offering almost anything under the sun.


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