My Google Pagerank Dropped Suddenly – Dont you worry

Recently I have been receiving many queries on the Orangecopper forum regarding the Google PR dropping for many websites and its creating chaos among webmasters who have been working hard on building up pagerank.

Firstly I would comment on this as Google PR should not be over hyped as what really matters is your content and the traffic it delivers.  So firstly don’t worry on the PR dropping, concentrate on building your content and quality you offer to your visitors.

Why PR seems to drop suddenly

It could create an anti-Google wave, but I support their move in penalizing heavily on websites and dropping pagerank. This should be a Google initiative to improve the credibility of Page rank and kill the link building business. Page rank is supposed to be auto calculated when genuine websites link each other due to the quality of related content. Now, what is going on is selling and buying back links to improve the page rank – this is not a healthy sign to evaluate the rank of a website.

So things would settle down and your page ranks would recover, let’s support Google in the betterment of internet and not encourage the buy / pay pagerank idea and let’s get our websites and contents rich. Since you are not the only one suffering; many of the major websites have also dropped ranks. So to summarize, do not panic – things would settle down and be better – Lets build a better internet.


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