Never Call Your Website a “Blog”

We find a lot of wordpress blogs now-a-days on the web, if you want numbers i read online a few months ago that there are 180,000 Blogs installed every Day! Isnt that more than enough to give you an idea how many are around you on this piece !

Ideally a Blog means something that one person: “the Blogger” uses as a platform to share his views and openions, its usually like a web log or a diary. Now professional web design blogs and Niche blogs are not Blogs anymore, they are Niche Specific websites or Portals with Loads of useful information. So Make sure you DO NOT call your blog a BLOG anymore, call it a website or portal specializing in your niche.

For more serious visitors or members to your website, as a webmaster give them a serious outlook about your website.
Hope this simple Tip would help you improve the way your website in getting a facelift!