New Feedburner Interface

I could say without any doubt that feedburner is one of the most important tool for any webmaster or blogger who would like to keep his visitors updated with the best content posted on his blog for FREE.

If you are new to feeds then read how to add feedburner to your blog To understand the importance of feedburner over a mailing list you can read my previous artilcle

Google had acquired feedburner earlier and still the very old and aged feedburner interface was de-motivating as people strayed out looking for other alternatives. And you know Google never tolerates losing its strong hold in whatever they have set foot in. Now the good news is Google has released its brand new sleek ajaxified excellent interface for better tracking and usage.

You could access the new feedburner interface here:

Take home: Even though Google has improved its Google feedburner interface it is only confined to its new Dashboard and not the entire feedburner has been revived. Lets wait for the entire feedburner to get its new look and for now it’s the dashboard that has changed!