New Google Adsense Interface review

Today on November 8 2010, Google launched its new Adsense interface. As soon as you login to your Adsense interface you would observe this new banner that says “try the new Adsense interface” and clicking on the link it applies the new interface on to your Adsense page.

Look and feel

The first thing that you would notice on the Adsense interface is the look and feel – it has an ajaxified simple and smooth interface that makes browsing and managing your Adsense easily. If you already have an Adsense account, the next time you login you would see the change and feel the difference. In case you do not have an Adsense account – create one now! Also I must say another important point that the new Adsense has certainly become more faster.

New and quick navigation

The navigation menu of the new Adsense is more user-friendly and has the tabs arranged in a more easy to understand and use manner.

Performance reporting and add/block ads option

Another highlighted option in the new Adsense is the performance reporting and add or block tab. This option was available for the earlier version as well but this one is more easy to use and simple to understand.

New option: My Ads

This option on clicking leads to a rich interface as shown below that allows you to edit your ads in a simple way when compared to the very tedious and complex “managed ads” option on the earlier Adsense version.

Take Home: Overall I personally appreciate and enjoy the rich and simpler interface introduced by Google that would be more useful to the relatively new Adsense users. Thank you again Google!


  1. Shrinidhi Hande November 11, 2010
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