New Trends in Web and Graphic Design

Hey All ..

The web design and graphic design world has been ever improving and has never been as impressive as its now, but it never stops.

The great sites above share the following design features:

– A very simple layout
– Centralized Orientation
– The content would be well designed and placed
– Not very 3D / but colorful and neat
– Soft, neutral background colours
– Strong colour, used sparingly
– Cute icons, used sparingly
– Plenty of whitespace
– Nice big text

It feels like we’re seeing more simple 1- and 2-column designs than in previous years.
The overall feel you get is that designers generally agree that simple pages work better.
These pages read in a straightforward way from top to bottom, and you don’t find your eye skipping around trying to work out what to look at. It’s a much calmer and more solid browsing experience than in times gone by.

Now a days, You find a lot of

Glassy effects
Shades ( used even now but carefully)
Web 2 Icons
Ajax kind of feel

Links to Read

Below are links to other collections of sites that may be beautiful, highly compliant, effective, or all three together! Make up your own mind.

Joshu Thomas
Creative Head, Orangecopper