NEWS: Twitter Resets User Passwords in Wake of Phishing Attack

Its not first time that twitter was attacked by hackers, on a few occation in may 2009, twitter accounts of prominant users like obama and britney spears were attacked, twitter took immidiate measures to protect their account and restore it. This time twitter was hacked by phishing method of account hacking. Twitter reset account passwords of prominant users as a step ahead to this situation.

Early Tuesday, Twitter says it had to reset the passwords of a small number of accounts compromised in an external phishing attack.

As part of Twitter’s ongoing security efforts, we reset passwords for a small number of accounts that we believe may have been compromised offsite,” Twitter wrote in a prepared statement.

Twitter said it took the security action because of a “combination of multiple bad acts.” One, it believes, is accounts being compromised by Twitter users signing up for what it described as “get followers fast schemes” luring people to a non-Twitter site. A Twitter spokesperson also said it suspects this third-party site “could have allowed hackers to gain access to email addresses and passwords. Those Twitter users who use the same email addresses and passwords could be affected.”

According to Twitter at least one account was compromised by a phisher. In that instance Twitter updates were sent out without the account owners knowledge, Twitter said. “While we’re still investigating and ensuring that the appropriate parties are notified, we do believe that the steps we’ve taken should ensure user safety.

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