Niche sites Vs Authority sites

Niche sites Vs Authority sites

Often we come across the terms used on blogs – Niche websites and Authority website and what are the differences between them.

Niche website is all about building a profitable business model built on a particular niche and articles are written based on most effective niche related keywords. With SEO in consideration these articles fetch traffic to your website trough search engine results. This traffic is further converted into sales and thereby earning money.

On the flip side, Authority websites are websites built on log term reputation within their own expertise. People would want to come back to visit the website for the value of content and the services they offer. Your website could grow on to become an authority in your niche and even if the search engine algorithms do not favor you, you still continue to get link backs and loyal visitors.

In some cases, certain niche sites can be also called as authority websites. Say for example, is a blogging niche website, still considered as an authority website for professional bloggers.

Take home: authority websites are not built in a week, loads of work and quality efforts go Into shaping an authority website. It’s smart to identify your favorite niche and build content on the top keywords to drive traffic and earn money.