Non Technical Niche blogs Earn better

Non Technical Niche blogs Earn better

If you are not an expert in any particular niche and is planning to launch a new blog, the most tempting niches are web related or technical niche – mainly because of the abundance of information on the web to write about. From my experience in writing and managing many blogs, what I feel is non technical niches have great earning potential – especially through contextual advertisement sources like google Adsense because there is little chance for your audience to know what is content and what is advertisements.

If a webmaster is searching about something on the web, it’s most unlikely for them to click on advertisements as they already know that it’s promoted content! While in the case of not so tech savvy readers, they might click on all the probable options that might seem like related content, this increases your earning chances.

Another advantage of such blogs are that the user could go for anything and everything that ecommerce websites like Amazon and EBay had to offer ( this gives you a better chance to earn through affiliate marketing)

Normal niche website users are relaxed viewers in most cases: if it’s a technical blog or website, the readers mostly pop in through search engines to find solutions to the issue they are facing and hence tend to be more focussed on their problems – this will reduce the chances of them wandering into other non related advertisements – that means higher bounce rates.

Take home: no niche is inferior to make money from blogging, it all depends on how well you study and analyze the demographics and user expectations.