One Day Activity to Double your blog Pageviews

One Day Activity to Double your blog Pageviews

We all spend several hours for researching content, writing articles and even promoting them. Today, why don’t we do an activity that will prove super effective to at-least double your website page views. Let’s take up this activity as a one day workout and dedicate our time and concentration towards completing the task.

Activity: Interlinking all your popular blog posts. The activity involves analyzing and identifying the prime keywords that bring traffic to your website by studying the Google Analytics keyword data of your website statistics. Once you have identified the popular keywords, take a note of the corresponding articles published on your blog for these keywords and interlink the keywords to posts from all the possible posts on your blog.

How will this improve your page-views: basically when a visitor reads your blog post or article they will be keen about knowing more about the Jargons and keywords used in the article. The hyper link to the next article will lead them opening up maybe 5 related articles instead of reading and leaving! This methodology of Interlinking the blog posts has really worked very well for me and I continue to make sure i include links to older articles when I write a new one.

An easier way to automate this activity: Interlinking keywords to old post might become a little tedious especially when you have huge number of posts on your blog. I have used a plugin called MBP ninja affiliate that automates this process. All I have to do is mention the list of keywords to convert into a link. The plugin automatically identifies the keywords and converts them into links to corresponding posts and this is auto updated when you uses these keywords for your newer posts as well.

Take Home: be it the easy / automated way or the tedious way, Interlinking articles is the most effective methods to tie your readers to your blog. The best example of this is the Wikipedia website.