How One product earned me 1500 USD this month

How One product earned me 1500 USD this month


Today I am very excited to share an affiliate marketing strategy and story that helped me earn a whooping 1500 USD by promoting a single affiliate product on my blog!


As a part of my market research online I stumbled upon a superb Internet marketing tool called market samurai and started using the product as part of my daily IM activities. Market samurai worked like a charm to identify high demand and low competition keywords to craft articles on and improve your website traffic.


Now as I did identify a great piece of software that worked well for me, I decided to to share my experience with my readers and let them also reap the benefits.


Soon I prepared a detailed articles with screenshots and key features / advantages of the software. Further, I made sure that the hyperlink to purchase the software was cloaked with m affiliate referral link. Gradually as my readers started learning more about the smart ways of writing blog posts, my affiliate income on this product started shooting up.


Further i designed custom banner to promote this plugin and finally the monthly earning from this plugin alone clocked over 1500 USD.


Take home: The key to successful affiliate marketing is choosing the right products to promote and it will do the marketing by itself!


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