Organizing and managing a contest was never this easy!

Organizing and managing a contest was never this easy!

RaffleCopter has been one of the most innovative and creative ideas that has been creating huge buzz on the internet and blogs nowadays. RaffleCopter is a very handy and powerful tool that helps webmasters to plan, execute and manage contests effortlessly. The tool becomes a superb choice for website owners mainly because:

  1. It’s free of cost.
  2. Has a well designed and easy to use interface.
  3. Great inbuilt options to make the contest beneficial to the website too.

How to create a contest / giveaway on RaffleCopter?

  • Step1: Name this give away
  • Step2: Describe one or more prizes for the Giveaway
  • Step3: Specify how people can participate in a giveaway
  • Step4: Specify the start and end date for the giveaway
  • Step5: Specify all the terms and conditions
  • Step6: Export the widget code and paste where ever you want.

The above six steps can be completed in less than a minute and your contest can go live. The best part with RaffleCopter contests are that to participate, users need to satisfy certain call for action conditions like: tweet on twitter, like the fan page, add a comment etc. RC checks for the compliance of these conditions and then allows a user to participate in the contest. This makes it easy for the webmasters to ensure their terms are met by contestants.

Organizing and managing a contest was never this easy!

The possible call for action items for a RaffleCopter driven contest are:

  • Leave  blog post comment by the user
  • Tweet about the giveaway
  • Follower the twitter account of the webmaster
  • Like a particular FB fan page
  • Like the particular blog post with the user’s account
  • A custom action that can be added.

Post all the entries are made, RaffleCopter by itself identifies a winner with its random algorithm at the end of the contest. Isn’t that real easy and cool?

Now, webmasters can opt to announce bigger and huger giveaways because the better the prize, the better the participation. Better the participation better is the popularity! Let us know your thought about RaffleCopter and your experience using it!


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