Page Speed Service from Google on the way

Page Speed Service from Google on the way

Google has announced a new page speed service. The page speed service is intended to increase the speed of loading of web pages. Perhaps Google has realized the requirement of business communities who cannot afford to lose their customers just because the webpage takes ages to load.

Although the service is not unique to the web community (which is already offered by other companies), there are new expectations from the general public and new challenges for web masters. There is every reason to consider the trade-off between the optimization of web pages themselves by web masters or choosing the page speed service offered by Google. Interestingly, the price that will be set for the new service will influence these factors.

The page speed service is a paid service. You can check it yourself on how fast your web page loads with the new service and if you are satisfied, you can subscribe to the service. It is understood that Google implements the service through two measures. First by deploying the traditional optimization tool and second by pulling pages from your servers, storing in its pool of reservoirs and pumping directly to the end users.

Whether the new service will really improve the loading of a web page or creates unwanted trouble in terms of presentation of the content will be known in the coming weeks when Google comes out with a complete action plan. At the current stage there are many issues that are to be addressed by Google with the respect to the new page speed service. One is security.

As the entire website content and databases will be routed through Google, how Google will maintain the privacy needs to be addressed. Second thing is web page restoration. As Google fetches the content from your server and modifies (although it uses the latest up to date technologies) to store in its own network and then present to the end user, the content should not be distorted. Otherwise, instead of speed the service promises, it might open a can of worms.

There are some limitations to the provision of this service. If you check the speed of your webpage loading without www in the domain name, you may not experience the speed. It is mandatory to write www in your websites while checking. For example, you have to type to check the speed of the website homepage.

The speed service is not applied to secured websites (https sites). Flash and audio and video files above 50 MB will not be entertained. As of now, the service is available to webmasters in limited numbers. One can check the provision of the service by filling the online form. Although there are mixed reactions to the announcement of Page Speed Service from Google, it will be interesting to see how this new service will impact the rankings of websites and other SEO aspects.

It is expected that small business groups will be immensely benefited through the new service. Google may add many more creative and value added features to the new page speed service in the coming days! Don’t you think so?

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