Passive Income Blogging is Magical

Passive Income Blogging is Magical

It has been 4 months I have quit my day job for full time Blogging and things are going great! I have lot of space for my personal chores, time for my forgotten passions and much more!

After quitting my regular job, I have been able to find enough and more time for blogging as well – On an average I write about 60 articles a month for my network of Blogs. On any regular day, I spend no more than 3 – 4 hours working on my blogs and I end up writing 2 – 3 articles for my blogs.

The Month of June was very different

Unlike regular months as I have mentioned above, in the month of June 2011, I only spend a total of 3 – 4 hours (yes, for the whole month) on Blogging. If you have observed that there have been not more than 6 – 10 articles on my blogs and almost all of them are guest posts by guest bloggers.

No work – No money?

This is the rule of the conventional World and does not really apply to our world of Bloggers! This month was a “No Work” month for me; however it was not a “No Money” month. It was certainly a less money month but still the less money is approximately 1500 – 2000 USD. You should wait for my income report for the month to get the complete details.

This was not a bad income considering the fact that I could not spare any time for blogging alone due to some personal commitments in the real world 😉

The Magic of Passive Income

This is the main reason I simply love ProBlogging and recommend the profession to everyone who would love to gain freedom from their chained work profiles.

There are no shortcuts here as well! You have to work hard or even harder to turn your blog into a successful one. Once you have enough content and traffic, your blog is on autopilot and it gives you the freedom and confidence to give enough time and attention to your personal life and believe me, its really worth it!

My Advice to those who plan to do this

I personally don’t recommend abandoning your blog without posting any content for a time frame as long as 1 month (the way I did). A successful blog should be always fed with fresh and unique content frequently as your readers and the internet are both hungry beasts!

I wanted to see how much would my blog earn when I don’t touch it, I did not purposefully waste the remaining amount – trust me, I was really caught up with my personal commitments.

Take Home: Blogging is such a lovely business where you will continue to earn even for what you have shared long back on your blog. The success of a blog depends on these 3 words – Learn, Share & Earn.



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