Paying for SEO is NOT a Wise Idea anymore

Paying for SEO is NOT a Wise Idea anymore

If you own a website, am sure you would have at least once received an email seeking your interest to outsource your Search Engine Optimization activities to a 3rd party company contacting you. The email would boast about doubling or tripling your traffic as a result of their search engine optimization efforts.

To an extent it could be possible that the ranks or search engine traffic could increase but how sure are you about it before you trust them with your hard earned money? Personally, I do not recommend using such services when you are not sure about their methodology, effectiveness and trustworthiness.

Paying for SEO is NOT a Wise Idea anymore

The downsides of paying for SEO:

  • Wrong SEO methodologies could hurt your website for ever or could get you banned.
  • SEO is self doable if learned with a step by step approach
  • Most SEO companies charge very high when compared to the work completed
  • SEO rankings are not often maintained, so ranks drop eventually

It is very vital for every webmasters to have the basic know-how of SEO and start taking up SEO as a daily activity in a organized and patient manner. This will help you improve and maintain your SE rankings and thereby improve the traffic from the search engines.

How to Learn SEO by self:

There are many sources on the web to self learn about Search Engine Optimization, take your time and gradually learn about on-page and off-page SEO techniques and start employing them on your websites. If you are interested, you could refer my earlier articles on on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

What if I don’t have time for SEO?

In case you do not feel you have enough time for various SEO activities, you could still opt not to blindly pay to SEO professionals by opting for a service provider like RankPay – I would recommend these SEO service providers as they will only charge you after they have worked and optimized your SERP (search engine rank page) position to what they have promised – worth a try!