PHPBB to vBulletin migration tutorial and review

PHPBB to vBulletin migration tutorial and review

Today I am happy to announce our Orangecopper webmaster Forum’s migration from PHPBB to vBulletin version 4 and we feel great!

It is really commendable on how easy the forum migration was from PHPBB 3 to vBulletin 4. The documentation and details provided at the vBulletin members area is easy and understandable to any one who has the basic understanding of uploading and installing scripts on to web servers.

PHPBB to vBulletin migration tutorial and review

Below are the steps for migration of your forum from a PHPBB forum (Source) script to a vBulletin (Target)

  • Install the new vBulletin script on a new location or folder
  • Leave the source forum un-touched until completion and testing.
  • Download the ImpEx script to your local machine
  • Make the required config changes to the ImpExconfig.php file
  • Enter the source and target database server details to the above config file
  • Upload and run the ImpEx script as per the manual.
  • Login to the freshly installed vBulletin in the first step.
  • Under the maintenance menu, rebuild – user, post, count cache
  • Test your new imported forum users and posts.

Note: All the user passwords would get reset, so that has to be communicated to the users to rest and login to their old account post the upgrade.

Another Note: If you have decided to migrate from PHPBB to vBulletin, Great decision – Don’t look back. Make sure you install the forum then test the forum. The ImpEx script does not write anything into the database of the source of the forum, so nothing to worry, still taking backups before any changes or moves on the server is important.

  • The vBulletin manual could be found at the member area
  • The vBulletin documentation could be found at the Docs area



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