Professional Blogging in India

Recently I have observed several top quality indian blogs and bloggers delivering excellent content and value to the readers. There are several top rated indian bloggers like Amit Agarwal who have taken ProBlogging to the next level by earning huge income online.

Blogging is no longer a mere hobby, it has now shaped into a very promising career for all category of people and any age group.

The advantage of being a professional blogger in india is that you earn in USD. That means an income of 1000 USD is good enough for anyone to live a decent lifestyle.

A dedicated and organized approach towards blogging will not take long to achieve a 1000 USD monthly income from your blog.

This does not mean that pro bloggers abroad does not stand a chance to earn big time, they have the advantage of higher CPC for ad networks like adsense as the earning possibilities for US and Canada traffic is higher per click.

Take home: there are tones of reasons to take up blogging seriously. If you have a niche of interest – don’t wait any longer!

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  1. gobigabi December 4, 2011