Read this if you are planning to start a blog

Read this if you are planning to start a blog

If you are new to blogosphere or you want to start another new blog, this post should be of good use to you. I was not aware of these when I started a blog and blogging was just an accident for me.

Read this if you are planning to start a blog

I would strongly recommend you to go by your heart when you are planning to start a blog, rather than seeing what is in demand. Blog about something you love the most and you know enough to share to the world.

The key steps prior to starting a successful blog are:

  • Identify a niche
  • Choose a web host
  • Deploy your blog
  • Write quality content
  • Publicize your content and blog
  • Monetize your blog

The most important of these steps are to identify your niche or expertise on which you are going to blog about. You will have to be smart here.

Use Google Adwords tool to identify a niche or topic that has “minimum competition” and “high search queries” this will improve and speed up your chances to your success as a blogger.

Regarding identifying a web hosting company, its important that you start of with the best and economical one to make sure you don’t have to switch half way. You can read our detailed review on the best web hosting companies of 2011 to get more insights on this.

Deploying your blog and installing WordPress is a breeze, every single top web hosting company has an automated one click blog install set up in the web hosting control panel and it’s a child’s play.

Writing quality content is the second biggest step post choosing your niche. Its important the you do not copy articles or simply auto blog. This might take few months for your blog to catch up in practical sense.

Do not give up, continue to write and share unique / quality content – you will certainly be appreciated and found very soon.

Publicizing your blog, there are so many methods to publicize your blog. Not to forget the basics of SEO (search engine optimization). Make sure you submit your blogs to the best directories and do follow blogs.

Social networking and micro blogging portals like Twitter, Facebook, Digg etc will also help you on these lines to improve your blog’s exposure on the web.

Monetizing your blog is directly proportional to the traffic that comes to your page. My personal opinion is that you do not try to monetize or add banners to your blog until you have a decent traffic. Its like showing a movie where there is no audience.

Once you have a decent traffic, you can deploy services like Google Adsense, BSA ( BuySellAds for banner advertisement), Affiliate Marketing etc to make a good income from your blog alone like I do.

Hope these short tips were helpful, drop a line and I will answer your questions to make sure you are on the right path. Hope you enjoyed the article – Read this if you are planning to start a blog.



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