Recommended plugins for New WordPress Blog

Recommended plugins for New WordPress Blog

If you have just installed and configured a new WordPress blog, your next move would be to install the vital plugins for your WordPress blog.

Availability of a huge collection of plugins has always been the best part of using WordPress, for any new feature you just need to install the appropriate plugin. Only challenge would be in selecting the best plugin from the list.

Why you should be careful while selecting a plugin

  • Poorly coded Plugins could cause a security risk and vulnerability to your WordPress installation, even if the blog has no security issues.
  • If the memory usage by the plugin is high, it will impact your blog’s performance.
  • Compatibility issues could affect your blog performance or even could bring your blog down.

Basic recommended plugins for a new WordPress blog installation

  • SEO Plugin
  • Cache Plugin
  • Social Media Plugin
  • Adsense Integration plugin
  • SPAM protection plugin
  • Google Sitemaps plugin
  • Stats plugin

Even though you could always install as many as plugins you want on your WordPress installation, the above list is the vital type of plugins that needs to be installed. Further I will specify the plugin name and details.

Search Engine Optimization Plugin

Even though there are several plugins that could be installed to improve your blog from an SEO stand point, I would recommend you to install All in One SEO Pack as your basic SEO plugin. This plugin allows you to globally configure your blog’s SEO title, keyword and descriptions. In addition, It also has additional SEO fields to fill up when you publish each individual posts.

Cache Plugin for WordPress

Caching is basically storing the temporary WordPress files and DB queries on your server when the page is requested for the first time in a day. This helps and improves your blog’s loading time considerably. I would recommend you to use W3 Total Cache as your cache plugin.

Social Media Plugins

This is the era of Social media optimization and marketing! To integrate social media buttons on your blog posts and pages, I would recommend the socialize plugin

Adsense Integration

Personally I would not recommend using of Adsense and other advertisements for your blog or websites in its early stages as it simply would ruin your blog’s user friendliness. Once you have gained in your traffic, it would be wise to start using advertisements for monetizing. However, if you are looking forward to use Adsense, the best plugin to use is Adsense Integrator.

SPAM Protection

The best solution to protect your blog against SPAM is to have the Akismet plugin activated (the plugin comes as a default installed plugin for WordPress). This plugin automatically identifies and suppresses spam comments and users based on the AKISMET spam database.

The plugin needs to be activated with a activation key that would be available from the plugin website.

Google Sitemaps

Sitemap is an important action item. As soon as you have your blog set up, for better search engine indexing it is recommended that you generate and upload a sitemap. Luckily there is a plugin that could automatically generate and update your blog sitemap.

You can install and configure the Google XML sitemap plugin from the WordPress website.

Website Traffic Statistics plugin

Who doesn’t love watching the visitors flowing into the websites? Yes, Website stats plugins are important to be installed and configured. The plugin I would recommend to monitor and study your WordPress statistics in depth is StatPress CN.

Take Home: This post covers all the best plugins that are vital for a new blog installation and if you are still keen to learn more about other great plugins, you could refer my WordPress plugin bible. Hope you enjoyed reading the recommended plugins for a new WordPress blog.


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