Remove unused Images from your Blog

How to remove unused Images from your WordPress Blog

It is very critical to keep a check on your WordPress Blog folder size as it could affect the stability and performance of your blog. Few steps that I deploy to ensure a healthy blog are:

You could refer to my previous articles to learn more about keeping your blog healthy. Today we would discuss about deleting unused image files from your blog folders to reduce the memory usage. A simple plugin that I have tested today was able to solve the issue for me.

How to remove unused Images from your WordPress Blog

Download the DUI (Delete Unused Images) plugin and install on your blog through the Admin dashboard. Proceed to the sub menu option on the WordPress Sidebar called as “DUI” and the plugin will automatically populate all the unused images on your blog. Simply proceed to delete them.

Note: Even though it is recommended to take backups before proceeding with the plugin, please note that the plugin will not automatically remove unused images, It will populate the list and you will have to select the image to remove and manually delete (so you could give it a try).


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