Retargeter review – Yet another GREAT ad concept

Retargeter review

Retargeter review – Yet another GREAT ad concept

I am a happy man today! Each time I come across by young gentlemen bringing super innovative ideas, I feel happier – The internet becomes smarter!

Last week, I was browsing through one of my all time favorite blogs – QuickSprout by Neil Patel (SEO Expert). Yesterday when I was not even thinking of QuickSprout, I noticed a strange thing on all my browsing windows. They all showed the ads of Neil Patel asking me – “Hey its been a while, ive not seen you at my blog” I was like “WOW! This chap is behind all his readers”. You can see the vertical ad banner that appeared while i was browsing StatCounter website.

I did further investigation on the technology behind this. In few minutes I was able to get the complete concept of the entire business model – Its amazing!

The service was provided by a company called ReTargeter. This company was founded by Arjun Dev Arora in 2009 and now its got the best on the internet as their clients.

Arjun says, Retargeter will help you:

  • Look bigger to your audience
  • Give your website’s visitors additional chances to convert
  • Be assisted by our excellent support team

The RT idea and products

Retargeter focuses on serving your ads to audience after they leave your website. This is an excellent idea as people already know your website as they have visited before.

Fan Targeting: They have observed that Facebook fans to be up to 3x more active with a brand than general website visitors. With Fan Retargeting, you can build your fan-base and drive them throughout your additional up sell and cross-sell conversion funnels.

RTEngage: RTEngage helps you promote your content to your audience and their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn connections. So its all about brand promotion online.

ReFollower: Brand promotion on Twitter, Product specializing in brand promotion activities and techniques on twitter.

RTMail: Build on the tried-and-true idea of the ‘follow-up’ by retargeting your email opens. RTMail is the perfect complement to email marketing.

You could check out their pricing table here and follow all your visitors who leave your websites through their browser ads and keep basking in their Love!

Hope you enjoyed the Retargeter Review.


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