Revenue sharing Business model for Blogs

Revenue sharing Business model for Blogs

Have you ever thought of a revenue sharing business model to make money online through your blog or website? If not, start giving it a thought! The major advantages of adopting a revenue sharing model for your blog is that you get more content and value added to your website in a shorter span.

If you were to write 30 articles a month and earning 10 USD from advertisements, it is a great idea to earn the same 10 USD and add 100 articles per month to your blog or website. This will help increase the amount of information on your blog rapidly and later at a point when you observe you have enough content you could opt out of revenue sharing and all your contributors would have already earned from your generosity.

Revenue sharing Business model for Blogs

What are the different ways to offer Revenue Sharing?

As it literally means, the idea is to share the revenue generated from the content contributed by a guest author. This can be achieved by several methods – the best of them is to share the revenue from Google Adsense with the help of the Revenue sharing plugin for WordPress. The plugin automates the process of configuring and serving Google Adsense ads on post published by respective contributors.

Another popular method of Revenue sharing adopted by various webmasters is by sharing the affiliate revenue from product sales as discounts to the customers purchasing the product from you. Make sure you are not violating any affiliate product terms by doing this (some products don’t allow promotional discounts by affiliates).

This method of affiliate revenue sharing works well when you already have the trust of your readers and you could offer this discount as a Loyalty bonus by transferring the discount through PayPal after confirming the affiliate purchase.

Is Revenue sharing Tried and Tested

Yes! I myself has tried and trusted the revenue sharing business model along with other webmasters who have found this to work for them. The thumb rule for revenue sharing to start working well for you is that you should have a decent traffic and popularity before you invite other webmasters to join you.

Your revenue sharing campaign starts to pick up only when other webmasters see the potential of earning by contributing content to your websites.

Take Home: Revenue sharing is a great method to multiply your earnings and content. Make sure before adopting this method you have worked enough on your website content development and promotion to gain the trust of other webmasters that they could earn by joining you.


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