Review of a very useful SEO Tool : SheerSEO

Dear readers, today I would be doing an extensive review on a very useful SEO tool or portal that is available on the Internet. It’s called SheerSEO.

What is SheerSEO

SheerSEO is a SEO web based software that allows you to track and analyze your website SEO campaign, in addition It could also help you with your link building efforts.

Outlining the advantages

  • Gather all of your SEO information in one place. SERPs, Pagerank, Pages in main and supplemental index, back links, Twitter mentions, social bookmarking, on page analysis and more.
  • Save a lot of time by automating your SEO efforts
  • Sheer SEO is platform independent and reports and interface can be equally viewed on windows, Linux, Mac or even your smart phone
  • Track your SEO rankings, keyword positions over a stretch of time and find out what’s hot and what’s not
  • The rich reporting interface allows you to showcase the results of your SEO efforts to clients and the progress could be easily tracked and also clients could be given access to simultaneously track the progress.
  • SERPs tracking (rank tracking) software for Google, Yahoo and Bing. Including search volume and actual traffic data taken from Google Analytics.
  • Semi-automated directory submission to help your link building.
  • Detailed analysis of link building efforts with Backlinks analysis. Including link text, PR, meta tags, number of outbound links and no follow. Also guard your existing Backlinks and track them if they are dropped or broken.
  • Monitor your link and SEO status on Social bookmarking and networking websites like twitter

Feature round up and guide.

Create your 90 days free account and signup : Enter your basic information, domain name and details to create your  SheerSEO account

Input the keywords to optimize for: Either select from SheerSEO suggested keywords or manually enter the list of keywords you are planning to optimize your website for and hit next.

Input the pages to optimize and track: Either select from SheerSEO suggested pages or manually enter the list of pages you are planning to optimize your website for and hit next.

Obtain the report for the current and historical keyword ranking: Get the complete ranking details of for your keywords on the major search engines – both your current ranking and historical ranking report.

Obtain the report for the current and historical Page rank for your website URLs: Get the complete ranking details of for your page rank of the pages selected – both your current ranking and historical ranking report.

Find out the list of websites that are your website’s main referrers: Obtain the complete list of websites that refer to or divert traffic to your website directly. Also find their Page ranks, the nature of the links –  do-follow or no-follow, the PR boost provided by those links etc.

Get the total count of Backlinks to your website: The report would show you the number of Backlinks that your website currently has.

Find out the number of tweets on your website that are there on twitter: Get detailed date wise report of twitter tweets and social bookmarks to your website.

Find out and analyze the keyword density on your pages: The tool generates report on the single, double and triple keyword’s density on your web pages .

Analyze the number of pages indexed on Google & Yahoo: Detailed report of the number of pages and specific page details of the indexed pages on the Google and Yahoo search.

Set up Backlinks watch Dog: Set up the expected or paid Backlinks to your website within the software’s watchdog tool to make sure the Backlink is not dropped or broken

Automate your directory submissions: There is a huge list of quality directories to which you could automate the submission and track their progress post creating a submission profile. This is a very useful feature for link building.

To sum up on the review of SheerSEO software

A major chunk of the search engine users would not go any further than 1st page of search results for moving on to the page that they are looking for. Hence its very critical that you rank high on the top keywords for your website. Basically SEO techniques are so vast and diverse that learning all of the from scratch and doing all the chores is a very tedious task. Usage of tools and software’s like SheerSEO and its inbuilt extensive reporting or Google analytics reporting could help you with more information on your progress with SEO and hence you could evaluate and improve your efforts.

Hope the review and guide was useful, I liked the tool, since it’s a 90 days free usage – I would suggest you could try it and get a feel of the advantages. Post that the cost is a nominal 10 USD per month.

Useful SheerSEO  links:

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