Say yes to Income Blogging and Not Traffic Blogging

Say yes to Income Blogging and Not Traffic Blogging

I have often observed that many webmasters are trying hard, day and night to improve their website ranks and page-views in their journey to the top. Believe me, this is a wrong assumption as high traffic does not really mean high profit or income.

Is traffic not a factor at all?

Of course not! Traffic is certainly an important ingredient to the success recipe of any blog, but mind you – it’s not the only! I own websites that make double the money when compared to websites that has more than 3 times my page views.

How strategy can take control of the game!

Income generating strategies play a major role on your income. May be a site that has very broad niche and entertains almost all types of audience (for example: an entertainment magazine) the only source of income might be banner ads or CPC ads like Adsense. On the flip side, the narrow niche websites that have a targeted audience have a better chance to make an income by affiliate marketing, product sales and reviews.

Plan and nurture you Blog in a smarter way

If you blog is not yet a very established blog, you still have time to plan and nurture your blog for a brighter future. Take out some time and chart a business model for your blog. Identify the top income pockets and sources that could earn you like:

  • Product reviews
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Targeted ad campaigns
  • Banner ad sales
  • CPC ads like Adsense, Chitika etc.

Once you have identified the income channels, you should grow your blog and shape it into a complete business model that delivers exactly what its readers are looking for. Research and understand your niche to build solid content that will keep interested, targeted traffic to visit your blog and convert your traffic to sales!

Take Home: Don’t worry when someone boasts that their blog has 300K page views, simply be glad that you are earning a decent income with a fraction of the traffic – That’s smart Blogging!

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