Scorecard – Google AdSense Launched New Feature

Scorecard – Google AdSense Launched New Feature

Today I observed a new widget / section added to the Google AdSense Dashboard called “Scorecard”. This seems to be a very helpful feature intended to aid publishers to improve their AdSense revenue. The scorecard on the Home tab of your account provides you with a summary of how well are your ad settings, webpages, content performing when compared to other AdSense publishers.

Your scorecard is organized into different categories like Revenue optimization, Site health, Google+ etc. for each parameter you receive a score of one to five cute little blue dots. If you have lesser dots for each area that means you have potential area of improvement. When there are errors or issues to fix, it is depicted by an exclamation mark.

Scorecard - Google AdSense Launched New Feature

Below are the color codes and legends:

  • Green: Excellent. You don’t need to make any changes to this item.
  • Yellow: Satisfactory. You could make some further improvements to this item.
  • Red: Needs improvement. We recommend that you take action to fix this item.

Google officially encourages the fixing of such errors and making necessary actions because that will in turn improve your own earnings as a publisher for Google AdSense. Read more about the new feature on Google’s official blog post.