Search Engine Optimization using Infographics

Search Engine Optimization using Infographics

Have you ever wondered why so many infographics are published by big brands and popular blogs? Why would they want to spend so much time and effort to share free information to the world? You might have guessed it right, Infographics spread virally over the web because of the huge amount of information shared within a single image.

Infographics have a great advantage that they look great and carry a lot of information that could be easily grasped – this is one good reason why Infographics are highly appreciated. Chances are high that a good infographc spreads virally on the internet via social media sharing and blog posts.

Hidden SEO advantage of Infographics (for webmasters)

Have you wondered the SEO advantage that Infographics can result in? We often see several infographics published on many blogs but blog owners ensure (every single time) to link back to the owner / website of the creator. This act of giving credit is most common in Infographics mainly because blog owners do not want to take the responsibility of the data included and also they want to generously appreciate the efforts of the infographic creator.

This act of linking back to the creator’s website is in other words a “dofollow backlink” (in most cases) that will pass on the SEO link juice. Frequent linkbacks to your website is nothing but SEO for free from other blogs and websites. Another open advantage is SMO (Social Media Optimiztion) or Social media traffic that comes free with every single social network shares. In either ways, Infographics bring in traffic to your website.

Next time you see an infographic, remember that even you have the power to create such infographics and get free linkbacks / social media traffic. Let us know your experience with Infographics!