Social Networking for Professional Bloggers

Social Networking for Professional Bloggers

In addition to the organic search engine traffic nowadays the traffic from social media sources like Facebook, Twitter etc. Contributes to the success of a website. I have shared several tips and articles on how to improve the traffic from social networks earlier but today I am talking about the advantage of literally networking with other bloggers socially.

Identify potential niche contacts through top social networking portals: with the help of social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc and add them to your friends list and group them accordingly. Contact and interact with these bloggers like real human beings and rather not by tweeting article hyperlinks!

Acknowledge and interact with your contacts frequently: exchange and share your opinions, ideas etc. with other bloggers in your niche and work together as a team towards success.

Join social networking mastermind groups: there are several mastermind groups that engage similar niche experts within social networking websites. Such groups contribute as a quick helpline for bloggers seeking help and also act as a pool of ideas to pick the next topic to write on your blog.

Showcase your social proof on your blog: when you have a decent count of followers or fans for your social profile, it’s a great idea to showcase that on your blog. This not only shows your authority, but also encourages more people to join the flock of followers.

Take home: unless you are a huge authority in your niche, it’s always critical that you need to have a genuine effort to build your social profile and network with like minded bloggers.

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