Started making money online? Don’t relax!

Started making money online? Don’t relax!

I’ve started hearing some encouraging news from my mastermind group members and other newbie bloggers I interact and advice that they have finally started making some money online.

The beauty about making money online is that it’s full of surprises! It’s really exciting to see emails landing your inbox frequently saying ” Congrats! You have earned an affiliate income!” this could be when you are sleeping, traveling or even working on your day job. Thats why i call it a “NapIncome”. With the right strategies in place, you will surely start earning online maybe from the first month and it’s this extra dollars that will fuel your blogging journey as encouragement.

At a stage when you are earning consistent income of few hundred or thousand dollars, you tend to consider this as a bonus income and settle down. This approach is very dangerous as it could contribute to ending your blogging journey by slowing you down. It’s very crucial that you have targets to achieve and remain aggressive to stay in the game.

We all should dream for a day when your blog or network of blogs should be able to support you as the single source of income and you can pursue the life of your dreams! Never give up, keep on trying and the rigor live until you can call yourself a ProBlogger.


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