Stay away from Get rich quick Adsense programs

Stay away from Get Rich Quick Adsense Programs

If you have been browsing online in search of methods to earn money online, am sure you might have come across several programs promising you to earn quickly from Google Adsense by simply registering a domain, setting up a website and clicking on that “Magic Button” to turn your website into an auto pilot money minting machine – Think again!

Stay away from Get Rich Quick Adsense Programs

Online income has the same formula

To generate an income online from your websites has a common formula that works and it has the same life cycle as below:

  • Create a website
  • Develop quality content of value
  • Generate Traffic to your website
  • Convert the traffic into money.

Yeah! There is no shortcut to this and if you see people promising to sell that magic button to you, then think again and simply ask your self – why can’t they simply keep making money from that for ever and become super rich?

Niche websites don’t automatically convert to money

From my personal experience of over 8 years in internet marketing, I can assure that it takes quality time and effort to generate traffic to the content that you develop with an organized approach that you can convert to real money.

Many new webmasters fall for such schemes and get excited to swipe their credit cards to purchase domains and hosting accounts. Later most of them learn it the hard way loosing out their money on such websites that might not have any brand or content value.

Google Adsense is great when used the right way

Adsense does convert very well only when you have the right amount of traffic. Such Adsense money minting schemes promise you huge income from the next week you configure and install the system by convincing you how could write narrow niche, targeted content and blend the Adsense ads to your website that perfectly fits in to your content.

Now, let’s mix some Ethics with Logic and think again:

  • Would such accidental clicks convert?
  • Will the diverted visitor pay attention to the advertiser’s website always?
  • Would Google consider such clicks always as valid clicks?
  • Would that visitor return to your website again?

Almost all of the above questions can be answered with a big NO! Basically the concept of Google Adsense is to serve related ads that provide value to your users but not always will users get an exact matching content that they were looking for with that one click.

With almost all clicks going out of the website to different domains, you don’t need to give more reason to a visitor to leave your website. On the flip side, such non converting clicks could also contribute to getting your Adsense account banned.

Why don’t you take the right route from the start?

If you are planning to build a successful website and generate a good income why not have a planned and organized approach. Identify a good niche, register a brand-able domain, build quality content and gradually drive traffic.

Once you have decent traffic to your website, work on monetizing your websites with logical approaches like selling related products and serving related ads. Adsense works really great when you have good traffic – this is a solid formula that has always worked well for everyone including me.

Take Home: Making money online has never been easy. But once you have an established website with good traffic – believe me there is no easier method to start making money. Avoid falling for every sales page that you see with loads of testimonials that look real, take your own time and use your brain and spend your hard earned money carefully. I am wishing you all the best from my heart for your venture online.