STOP! Take a break and start over

STOP! Take a break and start over

Yeah! Today am talking about the “itch” that any hard working blogger feels at one point of time and it’s happened to me as well! I have a personal commitment to write on 2 of my blogs in specific and while I occasionally write on the others! But the moment I feel am kind of forced to write – I stop writing and take a break.

If you are a movie buff and love watching movies, how would it look when you are forced to watch 3 movies a day for a month with a given target – you’d soon not enjoy watching movies with all your heart, The same theory goes well with blogging. If you start feeling a stressful approach to creative blogging, it will soon start reflecting on the quality of your content!

I usually Have two options each time I feel out of sync – I either take a break and go for a long drive or sometimes even a long vacation, this helps me get back with a fresher mind or sometimes I take my iPhone and blog from a very different and relaxing place listening to music (this is an awesome option that I regularly do nowadays) and these methods help me stay active in the race!

Take home: be it hobby blogging or professional blogging, it’s all about enjoying writing about something you love or is passionate about, make sure you continue to keep it a pleasant affair!

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  1. Binu September 12, 2011