Stunning Tips to Drive Crazy Traffic to your Website

How to get Quality Traffic

I have written many article in the Orangecopper blog about many methods of Building a trust between you and your readers, So getting traffic could be difficult, but Getting returning visitors is Even Difficult, But Do-able !!

  • Again Quality Content comes first
  • URL rewriting and preparing your website/blog for the search engines
  • Using Of social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, technorati, Stumbleupon etc effectively as soon as you have your article ready.
  • Publicizing your Blog well:  use forums signatures, reply in blogs ( and dont simply do it, do it when its really required and when you have something to say, otherwise people wont even take a note about your post then forget about them noting your signature.
  • PressRelease websites: Using PressRelease has always helped me get good quality inbount link and traffic.
  • Blog Carnivals: Use Blogcarnivals, release blog carnivals. I have got upto 5000 Visitors on an article on many Blog carnival releases, its a good method to further flow in visitors.
  • Make Friends: Find Opportunities  to talk to webmasters in your own niche and exchange blogrolls.
  • Help others: with your articles, in forums and boards, so let people com to your website and learn rather learn from the same page . so that will open up a road to your Blog.
  • Keep Them coming ( The most important ): Would it be of any use if a potential visitor comes to your website, stays there for 1.5 minutes and leave and never come back ? Absolutely you would not want this to happen! So bring them back and use Newsletter systems to keep your members enlightned and informed. Set up a RSS FEED and Newsletter system on your website and make sure you dont iritate them with frequent posts, but send Valuble ,good and informative newsletters linking to articles on your blog so that they keep coming.

Hope you liked the article