Subscribers Magnet Review: WordPress Plugin

Subscribers Magnet Review: WordPress Plugin

Today am very excited to review one of the best WordPress plugin that I have EVER used till date. The plugin is called subscribers magnet and is power packed with loads of great features that am sure every webmaster would appreciate.

Earlier I had written about the best newsletter subscription plugins for WordPress and Subscribers magnet tops the list without any doubt. This is a premium plugin and I am sure it is worth every penny you spend. I have tried and tested this plugin and use it on all of my blogs.

Subscribers Magnet Review

Plugin Details:

  • Size of the WordPress Plugin: 605 KB
  • Cost of the Plugin: 147 USD
  • Purpose of the plugin: Automate and track newsletter subscription.

Key Subscribers Magnet Plugin Advantages:

  • Flexibility to place opt-in forms anywhere on your website.
  • Multiple placement of opt in forms.
  • Easy to integrate with WordPress blogs in few clicks.
  • Auto fill opt-in forms for users commenting on your blogs.
  • Silent subscribe features for your commenting visitors.
  • Extensive tracking to analyze the success rate of different subscription methods.
  • Supports Aweber, Mailchimp, constant contact and many other services.
  • Track and analyze the performance of different forms of opt in forms.
  • Backup and Restore features to export / import settings and data to other blogs.
  • Design the look and feel of the newsletter sign up form with ease.
  • Also allows you to integrate email sign up from with blog posts.
  • Integrate auto thank you message and subscribe to comment forms.
  • Also capable of integrating your feeds subscription.

The plugin works seamlessly with your WordPress blog on installing

This is a very light weight plugin that performs like a super heavy weight. I installed the plugin and navigated to the setup menu and found it to be very user-friendly.  I have mentioned the key features offered by this plugin above to summarize what all it could do for your blog.

Subscribers Magnet makes it very easy for you to integrate and manage your newsletter subscriptions with its four different approaches as mentioned below:

  • Within your blog posts (In post Subscription).
  • Pop in Ajax or simple subscription model.
  • At the Blog footer.
  • Blog commenting form auto subscription.

Some Unique features that really impressed me:

The plugin has some uncommon and unique features that really help you take complete control over managing your email newsletter sign ups to more than 200% as quoted by its developers.

Backup and Restore the plugin data to unlimited number of Blogs

Subscribers Magnet Review

The Subscribers magnet plugin menu has an option to export and import your subscription management settings to other blogs and restore them. This makes your job very easy and saves a lot of time by incorporating this great feature.

It works great with all the email newsletter management services like Aweber, constant contact, iContact, mailchimp etc. In addition, it gives you the freedom to simply copy and paste the signup form code to the plugin settings and it automatically picks up the settings making your subscription management an automatic affair.

Integration with WordPress Commenting

Subscribers Magnet Review

As you can see on my blog at the commenting box, there is an automatic check box added enabling me to easily convert all my commenting users to regular subscribers. In addition, this plugin saves the entire name and email address of commenting users in the email and name field making it easy for the readers to subscribe by simply clicking on the “subscribe now” button.

Design and Tweaking features

Subscribers Magnet Review

It has never been so easy to design and setup subscription forms. The settings menu for all the subscription models under this plugin gives you the luxury to simply change the settings, color codes, size and dimensions in a WYSIWYG interface making it easy for any non techie to configure the plugin.

Footer Subscription Form

Subscribers Magnet Review

This is quite an innovation! Another great option within the subscribers magnet plugin is that you can enable opt in forms that slides up (you can change the animation type too without any impact on loading time). The advantage of this form is that, it catches the attention of the reader without interrupting or disturbing them from reading the content.

All the forms of opt in has the frequency feature that lets you decide the frequency in which the subscription form should appear. The frequency is further classified based on factors like – seconds delay, hits delay, page refresh delay or on exit of the page.

Summary: I would summarize by rating this plugin very high considering two factors – 1. Ease of use and setup 2. Extensive options and control over the performance.

Special Loyalty Discount for Orangecopper Users

Since I strongly recommend this plugin due to its features, I have decided to promote this awesome product as well. I am offering a loyalty discount for this blog user by providing a loyalty discount on purchase of this plugin from the link on this post.

  • Original Price: 147 USD
  • Special Discounted Price: 125 USD
  • Orangecopper Discount: 22 USD

Please Note: Before you purchase the plugin from this blog, Make sure you clear the cookies and then click on the Subscribers Magnet link on this page to proceed for making the purchase. After purchasing, please email me the order ID and details to joshuthomas at to receive the PayPal discount transfer.

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